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We use the information that we learn from participants as well as what we learn in our own professional development to constantly refine and develop the series. 

  • Session 1- We meet as group to examine our individual values and explore how these differing values shape our thought process and how we interact with each other. This session lays the groundwork for the self-awareness development that is key to the success of the course.

  • Session 2- In our first individual session, we use the VIA Strengths Finder, introduce the concept of relational health and develop individual goals for the program.

  • Session 3- We introduce the basic principles of how our brains work through accessible understanding of neuroscience.

  • Session 4- We build on brain function to explore our first level reactivity in situations and ways to use mindfulness skills to move into a second level responsiveness.

  • Session 5- We introduce some basic concepts of Cognitive Behavioral and Dialectical Behavioral Therapies in a coaching format to explore the connection between our thoughts, emotions, body sensations and actions, identifying and challenging unhelpful thinking styles and dialectical thinking or the concept of accepting that two opposing ideas can exist at the same time.

  • Session 6- Building on the self awareness gained from previous sessions, we introduce boundary work that starts by asking, “What story am I telling myself?”

  • Session 7- We move into communication skills by using the passive/aggressive continuum and a modified version of Terry Real’s Feedback Wheel.

  • Session 8-We use Dr. Dan Siegel’s Window of Tolerance as a tool to recognize and label personal behavior and thoughts and build skill around working from the most functional part of yourself.

  • Session 9- We return to relational skills for our last individual session with the introduction of Terry Real’s innovative self-awareness tool the Relationship Grid.

  • Session 10- We close out the series as a group with an integration of personal and professional skills and the development of plan for future personal growth.



Sometimes, it is helpful to offer booster sessions and check ins after the initial series.

We offer this as requested.

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