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What businesses have seen after the Program. 

  • Improved employee engagement.

  • Increased relational awareness between employees which  unburdens HR programs that are not fully able to address these issues.  

  • Employees reported a greater feeling of autonomy and less feelings of burnout and better skills to name and recognize those feelings.

  • Employees in human service agencies reported an improvement in their ability to  self regulate and work with clients.

  • Many employees were promoted into a supervisory position with very little idea as to how to manage themselves.  This program has helped them to grow in confidence enough to learn how to grow into the position.

  • There has been a trickle down effect, many of the participants take the information and teach/model it to their subordinates. 

  • We have been able to give general feedback to an organization’s leadership regarding trends with employees.  We do not share personal information from sessions  with employers but will report with permission or in a general way. 

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