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Healthy Organizations Start With Healthy Individuals

Healthy organizations start with healthy individuals.

What does that mean for an organization? How do they get to a place where they are supporting an individual’s health? To what extent is it a company’s responsibility to do this? How does this align with the values of the organization? Or maybe, what are the values of the organization?

These are very important questions to ask as you look at your workforce and consider what it is going to take to survive, and hopefully thrive in the current climate of hiring and retaining good employees.

Have you thought about what being a healthy individual would look like in your workplace?

If you have no idea, start by asking these starter questions. If you can’t answer them with what it would take - start with what you know doesn’t work and work your way backwards from that.

What kind of communicators do we need? What does good communication look like in our business? What does our communication look like now? What is good about it? What could be improved?

What kind of boundaries do we want to promote? What boundaries do we currently have - both the spoken and unspoken ones? There are all types of boundaries. What kind of language is acceptable? How do we handle time off and the promotion of using PTO?

How do we handle when someone is out of line with their behavior - yelling at others when upset, not taking responsibility for job duties?

Self-Awareness, in this case, developing organizational self-awareness will help to create a plan to address the unhealthy aspects of your business and your people.

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